︎Vilnius 700 Years Young

︎Category: IRL Ad Campaing
︎Client: Vilnius City, ADCEurope*
︎Role: Graphic Designer / Strategist
︎CoCreators: Paula Stankiūtė & Edoardo Serafini
︎Year: 2022


To create a non-traditional outdoor piece or action in Berlin, with the purpose of attract the attention of the biggest amount of earned media possible (can be a PR stunt or similar), in order to raise awareness of the concept of the 700th anniversary, “Vilnius: 700 years young”.

︎Observation & Insight

We based one the fact that people have no idea where Vilnius is combined with the feeling that sometimes the youth has, which is to drop everything and disappear. And since no one knows where it is, it is an ideal place to well... disappear.


So the “Disappearing Agency” was born. A sketchy place in Berlin that you see people go in but not out. We walk you through a tunnel, sit you in a mini-bus and take you to a fucking helicopter and off you go to Vilnius. But you can’t disappear right now? Don’t worry, we got you covered too: We handle you a special passport, where you find a series of codes that introduced in the Vilnius website give you tons of discount codes! But there’s a catch, you have one week to use them or they will disappear all together in order to never be seen again!


︎ Physical Building

︎ Guerilla Posters, it is a city of posters after all
︎ Guerilla Stickers, it is a city of stickers after all


︎ Also big thanks to ADG-FAD, ADCEurope and Atomic Garden Vilnius for making this possible :DD