︎The Internet Is OVER...

︎Category: Social Media Campaing
︎Client: Academic Project
︎Role: Graphic Designer
︎Year: 2021

︎ Concept

The Internet is OVER...  Is the title selected for the 2021 @iaminternet event campaign. Based on it, we generate the rest of the identity: “the internet is overloaded, oversaturated, overfilled...”.

With oversaturation we refer to all the excess of information, ads, pages, emails, spam, people, messages, etc... Which is present in our day to day. This year’s IAM will be focused on talks, workshops and activities related to know how to better balance the content we consume, how to prevent content that could be harmful to us and have a healthy individual and collective experience when browsing the internet. More than rules of what to do and what not to do, the possibility of discovering productive reactions and establishing relationships where there can be a mutual and/or collective benefit is the main objective.

︎Visual Campaign

To carry out the visual campaign, a daring and provocative design has been chosen. The blue color, distinctive of IAM, has become co-protagonist along with a powerful black and the typography has been treated in a groundbreaking way, emphasizing the exaggeration (“OVER”).

As we have mentioned before, there are different titles or copies that accompany the main phrase of “the internet is OVER”:

- OVERLOADED: The overload of information, the excess of advertisements, cookies, etc... It is the main phrase and it sums up the concept very well. It has been represented with a couple of arrows due to loading/unloading

- OVERSATURATED: If we already find a large amount of useless content, all that content is over-made up so that we like it and attract us. This causes that sometimes everything is too pink and ends up exhausting.

- OVERFILLED: Represented with the “filling bucket tool”, overfilling is another of the excesses of the Internet, one that we must avoid.

- OVERPOPULATED: The percentage of humans not connected to the Internet is decreasing. For better and for worse. Where roads and doors are opened, people with not the best intentions are also allowed to pass.

- OVERSURVEILLED: If you haven't lived under a rock lately, it is very likely that your data is already in some base, waiting to be sold. Learn to use those who intend to use you.

︎Social Media Campaign

A series of animations and feed planning have been generated for the following posts, altering an icon, a quote or a speaker with event programming and additional information. It is intended not to hate or abuse the follower and always keep him informed of any change in plans or schedules. A series of relevant posters and animations have also been produced for the account's insta-story. They are simple but intended to evoke the feeling of exaggeration.