︎OFFFLINE Magazine

︎Category: Web, Online Magazine
︎Client: Academic Project
︎Role: UX/UI Designer
︎Year: 2021

︎ Concept

Tackling the upcomming new era of audiovisual art and communication, OFFFLINE Magazine features everything you need from a digital archieve to the latest news of the scene.


︎ Give a voice to small AV projects, discuss new technologies and recommend events and contests from the scene.


︎ Be able to track the upcoming audiovisual scene
︎ Have a quality curated reference
︎ Be able to know when related events take place near the user

︎User type

As much as his studies and profession have encouraged him to have a great relationship with new technologies. As there is hardly a fine line between hobby and work, either the case of photography or audiovisual montage, Oriol has developed a keen interest in staying up-to-date and up-to-date (Well, if profession requires it) so as not to miss any advance in the sector.

A few months ago Oriol has moved to Girona to
be closer to the current studies of him. Work the ends
week in a supermarket to supplement their studies
and the apartment in which he is staying.
He from time to time he goes down to Barna for work reasons already
that he is getting gigs when the possibility opens up.
Among his other tastes are music and clothing.


Oriol is browsing Twitter when he spots a blogger talking about a new version of Adobe After Effects, that allows him to preview a mapping in real time on IRL surfaces. Being very attracted to new technology, he decides to read the article to be more aware and to know if he can use it in the future in one of his projects.


The site is divided into 6 main sites: News, Archive, Articles, Events, Open Calls and the Shop.

︎Design Choices

We have selected black as main and red as highlight color becasue it combines greatly with images and big text. As for fonts we are talking Emeritus from Blaze Type as the main logo type and Plain Regular for the rest of the text.