︎FUSYON Wallet

︎Category: App
︎Client: Academic Project
︎Role: UX/UI Designer, CoCreated with Maria Kurbatskaya

︎Year: 2021

︎ Concept

Unification of FIAT and Crypto wallets in a single app.


︎ Be able to move Crypto and Fiat within the same app
︎ Link and claim from different wallets and accounts


︎ See a total of all your assets, crypto and fiat, together in one place ︎ Be able to add cards, bank accounts and crypto apps
︎ Detailed transaction history and split your bills
︎ Send and receive different assets, from any of your accounts to wherever you want


The site is divided into 5 main sites: Home, Transaction Historial, Control Panel and Operations, where you can send and recieve cryptos and fiat currency.

︎Design Choices

We have two colors to separate crypto from fiat. The rest of the app is designed so it has a faithfull and smooth use. Without unnecesary distractions for the user.