︎Category: Web, Online Publisher
︎Client: Academic Project
︎Role: UX/UI Designer
︎Year: 2021


Dystopian Archives is an online publisher that takes classic scifi, cyberpunk and futuristic movies and breaks down their filmography, story and universe.

It has been given a cold and neutral look and feel resembling the futres depicted in the books. The language used in the website is proper of the digital era, shortcuts like CTRL+F to search or .EXE for the books, beign treated as files, thus the name “Archive”.


︎ Transmit the look and feel of futuristic movies and make the user feel they are navigating a database of their favorite sagas.


︎ Get to know the publisher

︎ Know about the dystopian universe
︎ Read demos from the books
︎ Buy the complete version of the books